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Boudicca – Warrior Queen [ Buddug in Welsh language]. Painting on canvas with gold work design helmet. She led the Celtic Iceni people revolting against Roman occupation in AD60.

Boudicca can be viewed at Firstsite, Colchester, in the “Borders” exhibition opening on 24th July. This popular exhibition has been extended to 1st November 2020.

Photo of Annie (by Frances Belsham) with background Snowdonia Mountain Range and Quarries (photo by Douglas Atfield).

Annie’s work reflects her love of the sea and the timelessness of landscape. There are glimpses from afar of some real, some imaginary lands as seen from the ocean. There is a thread of ‘hiraeth’ (Welsh longing for home) woven into her work.

Making the Wivenhoe Church Hangings
Commissioned altar frontal and side hangings designed and handmade for St. Mary’s Church, Wivenhoe. This popular image was adapted and used for chasuble commission for St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York.

Annie uses highly decorative techniques crossing the boundary between fine and applied art. The work includes paintings, church hangings and robes, costumes, framed land and seascapes. She uses fabrics that are difficult to combine, silk, satins and metallic fibres that reflect light and animate the surface. Strong colours inspire her, textures and raw edges give depth and dimension. Some materials used are recycled from costumes, the smallest pieces shaped into shoals of gleaming tropical fish.

Looking at Snowdonia over the Menai Straits, Gwynedd

This comprehensive website of Annie’s work is in the permanent collection of Welsh artists at the National Gallery of Wales and other major British library archives.